Lactose in tolerance vs Milk protein allery

Lactose Intolerance vs Milk Allergy

  LACTOSE INTOLERANCE VS MILK PROTEIN ALLERGY Milk is the first food for babies. But despite it being a complete package of beneficial nutrients there are few babies who won’t be able to tolerate milk and consumption of the same would cause them discomfort. The aim of this article is to build awareness of what could cause sensitivity to milk and …

December 18, 20200 comments
weanin off commercial formula and feeding bottle with milk

Weaning Off Commercial Formula

Meet the major part of your baby’s requirements through whole foods . It’s a well-established fact that mother’s milk is the best for infants and contains all essential components to support growth and development. Though exclusive breast feeding is what is recommended strongly, there would be scenarios where it becomes less possible, suitable or sol …

December 18, 20200 comments
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