First Spoon Rice & Dhal

Age:Ideal for Infants of 8+ months
Weight: 200G

It is a perfect blend of carbohydrates and proteins that enhances amino acid availability. It contains good amount of plant-based proteins and Iron, which is essential to prevent anemia. It contains FOS (Fructo-oligosaccharide) – PREBIOTIC that can improve gut digestive health. This is also referred as kannan kaya powder.


What is First Spoon ?

First Spoon is a complementary food for the babies that offers the best that nature can offer untouched by chemicals through the hands of our local farmers and using the best practices followed by our ammas and grandmas to provide maximum nutrient efficiency for babies.

When to start?

Until 6 months, your baby needs only breast milk. First Spoon can be introduced after 6 months when breast milk alone can no longer meet the growing nutritional requirements.


Parboiled Rice  Р74.6%

Moong dhal – 25%

Ajwain – 0.4%

Why First Spoon Rice and dhal?

The last 6 months of the first year of a child should be supplemented with additional sources of energy and protein. First Spoon Rice and Dhal helps to meet the energy requirement of growing babies. It is rich in protein, essential for tissue replacement, deposition of muscle and growth. It boosts the child’s immunity thus increasing the child’s ability to fight infections.

Nutritional Information(approx Per 100g product):

Energy – 375.36 Kcal

Protein – 13.05 g

Carbohydrates – 77.14 g

Fat – 1.62 g

Dietary Fibre – 7.21 g

Vit A – 15 mg

Calcium – 34.86 mg

Iron – 3.23 mg

Zinc – 1.956 mg





Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg


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