First Spoon Ragi Banana Mix (Kannan Kaya Powder) 

Age: Ideal for infants of 6+ months
Weight: 200G

It is a perfect blend of carbohydrates and proteins that enhances amino acid availability. It contains good amount of plant-based proteins and Iron, which is essential to prevent anemia. It contains FOS (Fructo-oligosaccharide) – PREBIOTIC that can improve gut digestive health. This is also referred as kannan kaya powder.

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Preparation Methods

  • Mix 20 g (2 tbsp) of Ragi Banana Mix with 100 ml water and mix well without Lumps
  • Add 75 ml of water and cook it on a low flame for 4 minutes while stirring continuously till it is cooked thoroughly and serve warm

Serving size – 150 ml
Suggested feeds per day – 2-3 feeds

What is kannan Kaya powder?
Kannan Kaya Powder or Kunnankaya podi is Raw Banana Powder.


How can I start introducing Sprouted Ragi for Babies?
Ragi can be given to babies 6 months plus after introducing with few beg or fruit purees and rice. Begin with 1 tbsp of cooked ragi porridge and check whether the baby shows any allergic reactions. Check it for three days, and if the baby is not allergic to it, you can increase the amount gradually.


Why is Sproured Ragi best for babies?
Soaking and Sprouting the Ragi is highly recommended for babies and toddlers. Vitamin C increases during Sprouting which inturn help to absorb iron content. Sprouted Ragi is easily absorbed by the babies and increase the nutritional values.


When can I start introducing Sprouted Ragi for my baby ?
Ragi can be given to babies 6 months plus.


What are the benefits of Raw Banana powder?
Raw Banana Powder is a source of FOS (Fructo – oligosaccharides) – PREBIOTIC – that can help improve gut health and digestive health


When can I start giving Kannan Kaya powder to my baby?
You can start giving Kannan Kaya powder when your baby is 6 months old


Where can I buy good quality Kannan Kaya powder in India ?
You can buy good qualiy Kannan Kaya powder or raw banana powder from www.firstspoon.in


Where can I buy best quality sprouted ragi for babies ?
You can buy best quality sprouted ragi from www.firstspoon.in

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