This pandemic has all of us foodpreneurs with piles of potential customer loss, but the real issue is pantry staples are hard to come by and the nation’s fresh-food suppliers are dealing with an entirely different checkout-line challenge.

Right before crunch time, First Spoon moved our production to a HACCP certified centre so we ensure the best of what we supply. We even tied up with a great delivery agent and started campaigns for India wide delivery. That was really working. Our joy knew no bounds when we received clients from Jammu and Nagpur. All this is currently seeming like a dream. In our current situation, we are living virtually with no access to the factory and clients.

At a time when this should be fretting, we see a spark of opportunity. This is levelling time to get us more engaged and plan ahead. This for us is the creative space time.

To start we realised, I work out of Chennai while the founder is in Tirupur while our social media team is in Mumbai. In reality, we have worked away from each other, so where is our gap? This has hit us in the primary area of sales. Any entrepreneur knows sales = revenue

We have always strived to work on a lean model but now we need to get leaner. So back to the drawing board to create and share our passion making new recipes for sale when the world gets back to the new normal.

Here’s what we want you to do. If you have our product at home, try a different recipe with it and tag us on Facebook or insta. Does Ragi Banana make a nice pancake? You get the drift. You have your family to try it. We will reward your loyalty when we get back up.

We expect that at the end of this a“tsunami of demand shift from run of the mill to unique products” will take place. We will be prepared and wish you and your family the best times with safety and good health. Best, DnD


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