Taking care of the child – Ideas for Baby food – mixing unlimited thoughts and motivation in this article of simple, solid, and tasty infant food purees!

Puree thoughts:

At the point when I first beginning taking care of my children purees for breakfast I was a piece clashed about what to serve them. As a Nutritionist Mom I needed to pack the same number of supplements into a solitary serving that I could. I couldn’t have cared less what season of day it was, child planned to get supplements, supplements and more supplements. I didn’t help that I made some full memories work so when I was around I needed to ensure infant got all the sustenance and afterward kid advancement returned to the cutting edge. Once in a while it is a lot for their palette and absolutely a lot for their stomachs.

Thus, I began with the most advantageous, most nutritious purees I could make.

Some key things to remember:

Purchase nearby and as ranch new as you can.

With occasional veggies and natural products almost no can turn out badly.

Set up the puree hygenically and utilize the equalization puree in a prepare or even as a custard beating for you.

Children needn’t bother with sugar or salt added to the puree. The main other food they have attempted is milk up until now, recall that.

No skin, no seeds and if conceivable a little independent blender bowl.

In a warm climate atmosphere, for example, our own, make new puree and abstain from freezing. There’s so much that can turn out badly if not done effectively. Additionally you can’t carry puree to room temperature rapidly without a supplement misfortune.

Attempt it as a solitary organic product or vegetable to start, in the event that it suits your child, at that point you can go fir combos.

Here’s some fundamental purees to begin

Steamed puree:







Crude puree:

Mango puree

Banana puree

Papaya puree

Musk melon puree

Sapota puree


Here’s a basic rice water kanji formula


1. 2-3 tbsp of rice

2. 3 little cups of sifted and cleaned water


1. Bubble water in a pot, add the rice to it and permit it to cook until delicate.

2. Mix it alongside the water to a glue/fluid consistency

3. Pass this through a strainer and ensure the soup is smooth and there are no rice grains.

The mixes of natural products, veggies and grain or heartbeats can be held for later or until your child gives indications of cheerfully tolerating the new weaning food. Following this, you can work gradually to get a reasonable eating routine with the correct surface to suit an infant’s palette.

Here’s a combo formula

*Mixed vegetable soup*


1. 2-3 vegetables hacked (either carrot, potato, yam, pumpkin and peas)

2. Water


1. Ensure the vegetables are stripped and hacked appropriately.

2. Put all these hacked vegetables in a liner that is set over bubbling water for 20 mins or until delicate.

3. Cool and mix to a smooth consistency. Strainer if there is an excessive amount of fiber.

As a leaving point, feed and watch. Simply watch and let the child lead the weaning. You will know when they are prepared for additional.


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